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Part of our community for over 65 years...

Grandpa BeckBeck Bindery has been providing bindery services to the printing community since Fred and Kathleen Beck bought their first sewing machine, and provided quality workmanship from the basement of their house.

Business grew quickly, and soon sons John & Jim joined the crew. One machine turned into many, ten books turned into a thousand. Not long after they started, the business had grown into a new location on Broadview Ave in Toronto, Ontario. Soon after, John Jr., the 3rd generation, arrived to work with Dad and Uncle Jim to learn the skills necessary to be a part of the Beck Bindery team.

In 1989, Beck Bindery moved to Campbellford, Ontario following the family dream. Today, we still supply the quality workmanship that Beck Bindery has always prided itself on; to Campbellford, Toronto, Ottawa, Ontario, and throughout Canada. Today we are comfortable doing 50 to 25,000 books.



Beck Bindery - we love reading books!